Change to HT Open Forum

My sincere apologies however, I have just received notice of a Head Teacher’s meeting on Thursday, 10th and will therefore need to change the date of the HT Parent Open Forum.  This will now take place on Tuesday, 8th January from 8.30am when you will all be welcome to join us for breakfast in the hall as part of our Health and Wellbeing Week and an informal chat.


Christmas Performances and Nativity

We look forward to welcoming you all today for our class performances and P1/2 nativity in the church at 10am.

Equality and Diversity work

All the classes have been working with Mrs Laird recently continuing our work on Equality and Diversity.  We looked at the story of Malala and Iqbal and then discussed links with children’s rights, the wellbeing indicators and our vision, values and aims and how these all tie in together.  Each class focused on different aspects to create a whole school display.

P1/2 created pictures showing some of the wellbeing indicators that the children did not get or spoke out for.
P3/4 looked at how the stories linked with our vision, values and aims.
P4/5 and the Gaelic class linked the story with children’s rights.
P6/7 helped create large paintings of Malala and Iqbal, looked at a video showing Malala’s story and then wrote about 3 things learnt from these children’s stories.


Today we had John Darcy from NSPCC visiting us to complete assemblies and workshops on the ‘Stay Safe’ campaign.  Can your child explain what they were learning today?

Eco Assembly

The Eco Committee gave a fabulous assembly today introducing their key areas to work on; School grounds, Litter and Biodiversity and their aims and plans.  This included their green thumb print challenge.  Can they catch you picking up litter to earn a green thumb print for your class on the Eco tree?


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