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P6/7 Football Success

The Glenurquhart P6 and P7 football team  have had a very successful year in both winter and summer leagues.  They have also made it to the semi final of the winter cup and also last Saturday the final of the MacArthur Cup which was a local event organised by Milton Athletic in Inverness.  The team played all of the other 5 teams and won all of the games except 1 which was a 1 nil loss to Thistle Colts.  They then had to play them in the final as we were the 2 teams with the most points overall.  It was 1 each at full time so they played 7 minutes extra time and unfortunately Thistle Colts scored.  Overall score was 2-1 to Thistle Colts.   Players did all receive runner up medals though and they should be very proud of themselves. 


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