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Health and Wellbeing Week

This morning we had our assembly introducing Health and Wellbeing Week this year with the following aims:

We have various events taking place throughout the week:

During the assembly some of the classes presented the work they have been looking at focusing on anti-bullying:

P3-4 Made their own Lou from the animation we watched.  This is a Healthy Lou made from fruit and helps us be happy and kind to each other.

P4-5 and the Gaelic class looked at how they could ‘Choose Respect’ and made paper chains which each give ideas for how to do this.  These will be displayed around the school.

P6/7D looked at the work on #ChooseRespect campaign specifically focusing on understanding the factors that influence behaviour and how this can impact on others.  They created icebergs showing the behaviours we see and hear on the top of the iceberg and what has influenced this sitting below the water level where we don’t see it.


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