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Anti-bullying Week 2018

This week sees the start of Anti-bullying week.  Last year the classes all completed posters which are displayed at the front entrance.  This related to the Blue Birds short film from Pixar and was a great reminder of the areas covered.

This year we watched a similar film, called ‘Lou’ from Pixar (watch here) and discussed bullying; how only we can choose our behaviour and how we can choose RESPECT, one of our school values, instead of bullying.

However, this will not be a focus for one week only.  We have signed up to the pledge to #ChooseRespect from Respect Me Scotland. This has been split into four key stages: Self Reflection throughout November, Celebrating Difference in January 2019, Building Empathy in March 2019 and Positive Relationships in May 2019.  We will continue to work on these various areas which closely link to our school vision, values and aims.

Each class has been given a task to complete prior to the end of the term looking at areas within self-reflection and respect which we will bring back to assembly to share with everyone.


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