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Huge well done!

A huge well done to all who took part in the Great Glen Football League.  Glenurquhart did superbly coming second in a very close tournament.  All the children were excellent team players and had some tremendous passes, saves and goals, ensuring everyone had the chance for success.  Another member of a team also commented that they were a nice team as they had looked out for them on the field; making me exceptionally proud!  Well done all!

A big thank you to Mr Thorp for coaching, transporting and helping supervise over the three weeks. Without such support, this would not be possible.  Also, to Mr Peers at Kilchuimen who organises this every year and offers us a very warm and friendly reception each week.


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  1. Well done boys & girls! It sounded like another great tournament & the feedback from the other team is something to be very proud of too!


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